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Grab your headphones, surrender to an empowering journey of breathwork, soothing sound and visualistion, and transform yourself from within

Do you, honestly, also tend to feel a little restless when trying to meditate? If so, SOMA Breath meditation might take your breath away in an instant. For me it certainly did.

When I practiced SOMA Breath for the first time, while going through a life crisis, I felt more alive and awake than I had ever done before. I found new hope, excitement and deep gratitude. I realised that everything I was looking for - meaning, love, joy, direction - was no further away than my next breath.  


I have carefully and wholeheartedly created a selection of SOMA Breath meditations to connect with your true self and find deep peace and fulfillment from within your being .   

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About SOMA Breath

SOMA Breath blends together powerful ancient pranayama techniques with modern science and transformative music technology to create positive and lasting changes in your life, all the way to a cellular level. It is more dynamic, fun and enlivening than many other forms of meditation. If you find meditating difficult, this is the perfect method for you.


My SOMA Breath meditations combine guided meditation, visual imagery, affirmations, rhythmic breathing, breath retention, and heart-pounding music to vitalize your body, connect with your soul's wisdom and cultivate a state of deep love, gratitude and inner peace.​ A practice that you will want to do every day.


SOMA Breath Meditations

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Introductory Video

Before you dive into my SOMA Breath meditations, I recommend that you start watching my introduction video. 

Reminder: Breathwork is not suitable for everyone please read the disclaimer at the bottom of this page before continuing.

Self Love & Self Worth


Embody deep-felt love and return home to your spiritual power. Your biggest job here on Earth is to learn to love yourself. Especially when you feel unlovable. And that won’t always be easy. Sometimes that will be very, very challenging. But you’ll see that when you wrap yourself in self-love, everything else will begins to fall into place.

Why is self-love important? See my blog post.

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Slowing Down Right Now

Unique Simple Approach

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Thoughts of Others

“I have listened to hundreds of guided meditations before and Sara’s voice and the way she presented her session were simply the best I have ever heard/done. She really has a gift..”


“Sara's meditation saved my life in a way that I thought wasn't possible. It helped me transform my life's biggest crisis into a source of strength and power. It helped me sleep the entire night for the first time in many years..”


“Sara’s Self-Love meditation is a meditation that’s impossible to fall asleep on! The masterfully designed sound bath leaves you confident, energized and in slight concert catharsis. Highly recommended!



If you are pregnant, have any pre-existing health conditions, such as severe infections, heart disease, severe hypertension, seizure disorders, organ failurelate-stage terminal illness

 or have COPD, this breathwork experience may not be appropriate for you. If you have any of these conditions, you can still do the rhythmic parts of the breathing exercises. Just do NOT do the breath holds. Before taking part in breath holds, please consult with your doctor.

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