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Step outside daily stresses into deep relaxation and experience the full intelligence of your heart and mind

What You Will Experience

My SOMA Breath Awakening sessions feature a series of deeply balancing and empowering practices that work together in a transforming synergy:

  • Rhythmic breathing and breath retention to oxygenate your body, balance your nervous system, create heart coherence, access higher brain functions and so much more. 

  • Vocal toning/mantras to soothe your nervous system and relieve fear, worry and anxiety.

  • Guided heart meditation and visualisation techniques to embody love and gratitude at the deepest level.

  • Activation and transmutation of life force energy to vitalize your body and open up to a new flow of creativity, passion and inspiration.

  • Transformative 3D music technology  to evoke deep meditative states and sooth your mind in beautiful tones.

  • Somatic movements to help you release stored stress and tension as well as unprocessed feelings of disempowerment, to embody freedom and play.   

Explore a deeper state of consciousness & connect with your true self
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Take my hand, embark on a heartfelt journey, and discover the perfection of what you already are 

Why SOMA Breath?

  • Relieves stress and depression

  • Balances your nervous system and creates a state of total relaxation

  • Enhances your sense of wellbeing, vitality and harmony

  • Renews your energy levels

  • Improves brain function and mind power to experience a clearer mind and heightened creativity. 

  • Releases fear and negative imprints in the subconscious to embrace feelings of positivity, aliveness and empowerment.

  • Releases dopamine and endorphins such as serotonin and oxytocin to boost mood levels

  • Develops intuition and enables you to listen to the guidance of your inner voice to pursue the goals that are in alignment with your truth.

  • Brings you closer to your authentic self and soul purpose.

What yu will experience

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I host breathwork sessions at nearly any kind of occasion, whether you are hosting a birthday, bachelorette, or company event. I will adjust the content of the session according to your needs. Contact me to learn more and book your SOMA Breath session.

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Let me take you on a journey of slowing down by connecting to your breath. 

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Thoughts of Others

“I have listened to hundreds of guided meditations before and Sara’s voice and the way she presented her session were simply the best I have ever heard/done. She really has a gift..”


“This was mind blowing! I’ve done breathwork for a year, but Sara’s session was one of the best I’ve ever doneThank you so much!


“It was an out of body experience being at Sara’s session. I’m so much more aware of the importance of my breathing, and the way Sara guides you into your heart is fantastic!


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