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I am a breathwork teacher, yoga instructor and health geek. 

My life’s work is to help you build a deeper connection with your brilliant body and heart so you can find deep peace, fulfillment and power from within your being.

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Exploring the wonder of life

As long as I remember, I’ve had a deep-felt desire to explore the never-ending mystery of the human body. Since my early years in school, I was searching answers from books and teachers on how the body functions and how to nurture vitality and radiance in everyday life.

Fast forward 20+ years, I was living in Copenhagen working as a medical scientist. I had received my Bachelor’s degree in Human Nutrition and my Master’s degree in Human Biology in 2017 and was now a hard-working scientist, trained to see health and healing in a science-based way.


Since I never really found myself fully comfy and fulfilled in my lab coat (knowing that there was much more to explore in life), I suddenly found myself exploring the business world as an IT consultant for 4 years. Along the way I fell in love with yoga and became a yoga teacher. On the inside of the fancy business suit there was a sensitive, soft spirit, searching for meaning in life.

On the outside, it looked like I was living a great life. I had a seemingly perfect partner, a prestigious and well-paid career, and lived in one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

Yet, I felt like I was slowly dying on the inside.

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Getting lost

My whole life I had constantly been on a path of striving, achieving and being perfect in EVERY aspect of my life.  Not because anyone told me to be. But because it was my own standard and my way to feel good enough and at peace with myself.


But in stead of feeling peaceful, I got lost again and again...


When I was a student, I got lost in crazy perfection and high grades. I thought that being the best in class made me feel ecstatic happiness on the inside.  


When I was a business consultant, I got lost in performance and results. I thought that the jetset life was a pathway to paradise, when it was really a downward path to a stress collapse and anxiety attacks.


When I became a yoga teacher, I got lost in saving the world. I thought that a meaningful contribution to the world was my answer to fulfillment, but I forgot to save myself first.   


As I approached my 30s, I felt hollow inside as never before. Everything began to fall apart internally and externally, and the old ways of being just didn’t make sense anymore.


But it was in this “falling apart” that everything actually fell into place.

The magical experience with SOMA Breath

When my life fell apart, I finally realized just how misguided I had been by my own mind.

As I was constantly searching for happiness in perfection and outer achievements, I didn’t realize that the most meaningful thing that could ever happen to me, was already inside of me.


One of my big moments of transformation was when I met SOMA Breath.

As I began practicing SOMA Breath everyday, I felt more and more strong, happy and in contact with the powerful current of energy inside my body and heart. It was literally like I woke up from a long sleep. I went from a stressed, anxious and perpetually unhappy control-freak to a joyful, light-hearted and inspired being.


I realised that I would never really find deep peace and sincere joy in this world, unless I digged for the power and unconditional happiness inside myself.

And importantly, I realised that our breath is a vital pathway into seeing and acknowledging our own truth and power.

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Serving others

My spiritual awakening didn’t eliminate my scientific mind. In fact, it reinvigorated it. 

As I had walked both the modern scientific and corporate path as well as the spiritual yoga path, I saw how spiritual practices (such as breathwork), were often seen as vague and woo by science and by the masculine business world. 

However, I believe that science, business and spirituality can walk powerfully hand in hand.


I set out to explore the depth of breathwork as a spiritual practice, while explaining and demystifying this practice with the modern western language of science, to empower our modern lives.

Read more about my offerings below.  

Here to Serve You

If you resonate with my story and energy, I’d love to be there for you.


If you want to stay up to date with my new meditations, sessions and special offers, feel free to sign up for my newsletter.


I honor you for showing up to this work at this time. I believe in you, your power and all you’ve got to offer.


With so much love,



My offerings 

Embark on a journey of breath, guided meditation and therapeutic brainwave music to connect with the powerful source of peace and genuine power that is in your body at all times. Everything you seek is already within you - it's no further away than your next breath.

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Breathwork Sessions

Join me in a transformational breathwork experience to embody peace and joy at the deepest level. This offering is for you to experience with your whole body.

Breathwork Meditations

Lean in with me to a guided SOMA Breath Meditation. This offering is for you to to listen to. So close your eyes . . . and let's breathe together in stillness.

Corporate Events

Let me take you and your team on a journey of slowing down by connecting to our breath. This session includes theory and practises to get the best of both worlds.

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My Education

I am greatly humble towards the never-ending mystery of the human body and the power that we hold in our hearts; and I know that my human mind will never really comprehend it all. Yet, with my curious nature, I constantly seek new perspectives, inspiration and learnings wherever I go:

  • 2014: BSc Nutrition - University of Copenhagen

  • 2016: MSc Human Biology - University of Copenhagen

  • 2020: Yoga Teacher, 200hr - vinyasa, hatha, yin (yoga alliance certified) - Dottir Hot Yoga

  • 2021: Yoga teacher advanced, 100hr - Anusara yoga & yoga philosophy - Rört 

  • 2021: Yoga Alignment - Simon Krohn 

  • 2021: Ayurvedic therapy - essential oil therapy, ayurvedic diet & lifestyle - Dr. Charlotte Bech

  • 2021-2024: SOMA Breath Master instructor - SOMA Breath 

  • 2022: Sensory language and psychology for yoga teachers, 100hr - Birgitte Gorm

Words That Inspire My Work

Embracing the
whole of you

Meet your inner light and darkness

Allow your energy to radiate through you

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