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The busyness of life is sometimes dimming down the power and radiance of our being. We can get lost and forget ourselves.


In this free SOMA Breath Meditation, I will guide you on a heartfelt journey of breath, visual imagery and soothing sounds to connect with the powerful source of peace and genuine power that is in your body at all times. Breath by breath, allow your inner flame to grow and burn through your life so you can step into the vibrant, purposeful human being that you already are.


Please read the disclaimer below on this page before listening to the SOMA Breath meditation.   


  • Duration: 33 min
  • Background Music By SOMA Breath

SOMA Breath meditation to remember who you truly are

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    Thoughts of Others

    “I have listened to hundreds of guided meditations before and Sara’s voice and the way she presented her session were simply the best I have ever heard/done. She really has a gift..”


    “I had a moment, a glimpse of what it maybe feel like to leave the body and transition to another plane. I was so safe with no regrets what so ever but pure transition..”


    “Sara has the most calm, pure and relaxing voice I’ve ever listened to. EverI’ve listened to many breathing exercises, guided meditations, even guided self-hypnoses, but nothing comes close to her voice.“ 



    If you are pregnant, have any pre-existing health conditions, such as severe infections, heart disease, severe hypertension, seizure disorders, organ failurelate-stage terminal illness

     or have COPD, this breathwork experience may not be appropriate for you. If you have any of these conditions, you can still do the rhythmic parts of the breathing exercises. Just do NOT do the breath holds. Before taking part in breath holds, please consult with your doctor.

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