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Take a Breath. 
Find your Calm.

Unlock the full potential within you


Hi, I'm Sara.

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Do you honestly feel a little lost sometimes? Don’t worry. I feel you, I really do.


But hey, that's okay. We can all get lost in the busyness and heaviness of life. We can forget ourselves, the joy of life and the roadmap that is right for us to follow.


I’m here to help you build a deeper connection with your brilliant body and heart, so you can speak your truth and find deep peace and fulfillment from within your being. Everyday, in anyway.

My offerings

My Offerings

Embark on a journey of breath, guided meditation and therapeutic brainwave music to connect with the powerful source of peace and genuine power that is in your body at all times. Everything you seek is already within you - it's no further away than your next breath.

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Breathwork Sessions

Join me in a transformational breathwork experience to embody peace and joy at the deepest level. This offering is for you to experience with your whole body.

Breathwork Meditations

Lean in with me to a guided SOMA Breath Meditation. This offering is for you to listen to.

So close your eyes . . . and let's breathe together in stillness.

Corporate Events

Let me take you and your team on a journey of slowing down by connecting to our breath. This session includes theory and practises to get the best of both worlds.

See a teaser of my work

Explore a deeper state of consciousness and connect with your true self.

Explore a deeper state of consciousness & connect with your true self
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How SOMA Breath Changes Our Lives

Reduces stress and anxiety

The rhythmic breathing, breath holds, and transformative 3D music technology along with visualization technique used in SOMA Breath can help you rapidly balance your nervous system and transform feelings of fear and hopelessness into trust, positivity and aliveness.   

Improves brain function and mind power 

The Rhythmic breathing of SOMA Breath rapidly brings you into a therapeutic state of Heart Coherence - scientifically proven to harmonize your brain waves and facilitate higher brain functions. Experience heighened mental clarity, productivity, creativity and intuition.

Promotes health and vitality

SOMA Breath improves blood circulation and increases the uptake of life-giving oxygen  into your tissue cells, while giving you the scientifically proven health benefits of intermittent hypoxia. Experience boosted energy, immune system, vitality and performance.  

Remember who you truly are 

Build a deeper connection with your brillant body and heart to recognise the unconditional happiness and peace that is within you at all times. Listen to the guidance of your inner voice and pursue the goals that are in alignment with your deepest truth.

Receive a free meditation

Receive a free mp3 SOMA Breath Meditation

When signing-up for my newsletter service, I will gift you with a free SOMA Breath meditation "Remember Who You Truly Are" to help you connect with your true self and your deepest inner calling. Let it land in your mailbox: